Shoreham Bonfire Society

What, where, when of Shoreham Bonfire

The organisers of Shoreham Bonfire have announced that they will not be running an event on Shoreham Beach in 2018 but that it will return in 2019.

Shoreham Bonfire Society would like to thank everyone for their support to date and look forward to doing it again in 2019.


What happened in 2016

The 2016 Shoreham Beach Family Bonfire and Fireworks promises to be another great fun night out, here is what is planned so far and other important information the help you have a safe and happy night.



What's happening...


Wht's happening at the 2014 Shoreham Bonfire

Where is it happening...


Join us from 6pm at Shoreham Beach Green.
The Samba Procession leaves Beach Green, Shoreham Beach at 6.30pm.
The Bonfire site is on the beach opposite the Church of the Good Shepherd. Please note that toilets are available at Beach Green and the Church Hall on Kings Walk.

When is it happening....

The most important times are....

  • Saturday 12th November 2016
  • Free face painting at the Church Hall from 6pm
  • Samba Procession will leave Shoreham Beach Green at 6.30pm
  • Bonfire will be lit on the Beach near the Church (King’s Walk) at 7pm.
  • Fireworks will start at 7.15pm (display finished by 7.30pm)

Other useful times to know....

  • Heart FM Angels at the procession start point and Bonfire site from 6pm
  • Catering open at Bonfire location from 6pm.
  • Shoreham Allstars performing after the fireworks

PLEASE NOTE, these timings are estimates and subject to change (as in minutes either way)

DONATIONS ONLY, No Tickets Required

This is NOT a ticketed event, simply come along to enjoy the FUN.  We do not charge for entry but we DO ask you to please give us a donation.

There will be donation points at BEACH GREEN, KING'S WALK (near the church), MARDYKE and WEST BEACH ROAD. You will also see some roving bucket collectors.

Or simply donate now via this website, donate online now »

As a community event, it can only go ahead with your support of donations, so please give generously.

Samba Procession

Make your way to Shoreham Beach Green from and then let the samba and fun begin.

Disabled access

Given the restricted size of the Shoreham Bonfire site and its beach location, it can provide a challenge to wheelchair users and those who have mobility difficulties.  The following provides further information on your visit.


Disabled parking

There is no specified disabled parking on the site.  The car park at Widewater is the closest to the bonfire and fireworks but please note that the surface is very uneven.  We suggest that you drop off anyone with mobility/disability issues at the Church Hall in King’s Walk which is very close to the main area.


Bonfire & fireworks viewpoints

The bonfire is on the beach and unfortunately this is not easily accessible.  However, the bonfire is on a raised part of the beach and is clearly visible from the pathways and road (inside the road closure).

We are making the Church Garden on the beach side of the Church of the Good Shepherd available to those requiring disabled access.  Please make your way to this area and one of our stewards will give you access.

If you have any further questions please let us know.

The best way to enjoy what's on offer...

Arrive at Beach Green from 6pm. This is the start point of the Samba Procession where you can meet the Heart FM Angels while waiting to start the Procession.

As the time approaches 6.30pm the Samba Procession will start to form behind the Beach Bateria Samba Band before making its way slowly from Beach Green along Kings Walk to the Bonfire site close to Church of the Good Shepherd (King’s Walk).

The Bonfire is on the beach and will be lit at about 7pm.

The Firework display will take place from a safe distance firing so that there are good views from the beach and roads in the area.

Close to the Bonfire are you will find the Heart FM Angels, a children’s Tea Cup ride as well as catering for food and hot drinks.

You can also meet your local HM Coastguard and Fire Service teams who will be close to the Church and Bonfire.

Don't forget to leave a cash donation in our collecting buckets before you leave - the event can only take place each year with donations from the community.


As many of the surrounding roads are closed and it will be busy in the area, it is best, where possible, to travel by foot.  However, there are car parks at Widewater Lagoon, Beach Green and near the footbridge.

Due to Flood Defence work and Ferry Road improvement work, parking at Beach Green and near the Footbridge are severely reduced or not available.

Please note that the car parks belong to the Adur and Worthing Council and the Shoreham Bonfire Society is not responsible for them and that you park there at your own risk.

The road closures take place from 5.30pm however we recommend that you do not park in Kings Walk prior to this.  This is on the parade route and will mean that thousands of people will be squeezing past it, if left there – we wouldn’t leave ours there for that reason.

Road closures

To ensure the safety of people before and during the procession and at the bonfire site, there will be road closures in place from 5.30pm.  These will be from the corner of Kings Walk/Beach Green to the junction of Kings Walk/Woodards View and West Beach Road up to Kings Crescent.

As the procession clears Beach Green and Mardyke these roads will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so, however the other road closures will remain in place until at least 8.30pm.  Again, these roads will be re-opened when it is safe to do so.

Travelling from Shoreham Town

The roads in the area will be very busy leading up to and after the event, so we recommend that people coming from Shoreham Town side of the river walk via the bridge

Meeting point

  • Inevitably in large crowds people can become separated from friends and family.  If this happens to you please speak to one of our official Stewards.  For a younger guests, the stewards  will contact the support vehicle by radio and a CRB checked support staff will come and take you to the meeting point at the Service Vehicle.
  • The meeting point is at the EMS Support vehicle next to the Church Hall.

First Aid and Accidents

We hope that no one has any injuries on the night but should you require any assistance our first responders/aid point is the Church Hall.  If you are unable to make your way there, please contact our stewards who will contact the Support vehicle to get you support.

Official stewards & traders


  • All people working on behalf of Shoreham Bonfire Society will be carrying official identification – please ask to see this as official staff will be able to produce this for you to see.
  • Official stewards and marshals will be wearing Hi Vis jackets with a blue top to them – if they do not have the blue top they are not working for us
  • Shoreham Bonfire traders of glow products will also be wearing our Hi-Vis jackets with identification.  If you are not an approved trader please do not attend the event, you will be challenged by our Security and Police support on the night if unauthorized.

RULES: Act responsibly / NO ALCOHOL

  • This is a family event and so we expect all those present to act responsibly.
  • This is a non licensed event, alcohol is NOT permitted.  If our stewards are aware of alcohol being drunk it will be brought to the attention of the police.

Safety and Event management

Security and event management is provided on the night by EMS Services. They will have a large white control vehicle sat outside the Church Hall near the bonfire site and if you have any concerns please contact them.

Pet owners information

We do appreciate that November can be a difficult time for pets and their owners and we are sorry for any distress that our bonfire and fireworks may cause.

There are many good sources on the internet for actions to help reduce the stress for your pet during this difficult season a couple of which are listed below:

Our fireworks will take place between 7.15pm and 7.30pm on Saturday 12th November in the area close to The Church of the Good Shepherd on Shoreham Beach. They last for approximately 12 minutes and so if your pet is particularly nervous or stressed by firework noise/crowds then this would be the time to avoid the area and/or take extra precautions.

Wishing you a stress free night.

Wild life and Environment

As for local wildlife... from the moment we start building the bonfire on Saturday morning, it is always attended to make sure no wild animals get into it before it is lit.

Only a small part of the beach, plant life and vegetation is impacted by the bonfire and our visitors. However, after the bonfire we ensure that the area is cleared of all rubbish, leaving it a far cleaner habitat than what we find it.

Where the fire pit is dug, and where people stand, the natural vegetation is impacted. However, it should be remembered that the event is held in the winter when and that every year by the Spring this area has completely returned to its flourishing natural state.