Shoreham Bonfire Society

How to get involved

Shoreham Bonfire SocietyThe Shoreham Bonfire team is made up of local residents and the wider community who give their time up, for free, to make the whole night happen.

Not only do we all contribute to a great family community event, along the way we all have a bit of fun too, so why not get involved?  Whether you have a little bit of spare time or just the night of the event free, there are lots of things you can do to get involved.


Bonfire building

A great bit of exercise on the morning of the event, who needs a gym!  Helping to create the biggest bonfire in Adur works out those muscles.  Bring some gloves and old clothes with you it can be messy work! Jobs including moving wood to the bonfire site or moving safety barriers in to place

If this sounds a bit like hard work, there are plenty of less strenuous jobs to do as well, including putting the police cones out, preparing bin bags of paper to start the fire etc etc..


Bucket donation collectors

One of the most important jobs on the night is to make sure we collect all those lovely donations from our happy residents.  With bucket in hand and a happy smile it could be your job to turn the firework goodwill in to donations to pay for it.


Firewood donations

We always need wood for the bonfire but we can not store it in advance.  Here is the all important information about firewood donations:

  • We only accept clean, dry, non green wood (no garden cuttings)
  • We have no storage facilities prior to the event
  • We are not able to collect
  • Firewood donations must be delivered between 9am and 11am on Saturday 7th November to the beach site near the Church of the Good Shepherd
  • For large deliveries please contact us prior to the 7th November

If you have any queries at all please contact us »



A high quality Family Fireworks event is not cheap to do and so we really need the support of sponsors to help this event go forward each year. Contact us to find out more.



We really appreciate every donation but please don’t feel that you have to wait until the night, use our donation page now